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November 08, 2017


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I taught at FCSL for a year after having taught at two "tier-2" law schools. It was a shock. Jonestown comes to mind.

If you want a better analogy, imagine this: An airplane crashes on a deserted island, and the survivors assume different roles - one is the 'doctor' one is the 'judge' one is the 'teacher' one is the 'cook' -- and they walk around calling each other by these titles even though none of them have any experience in these areas. So you are calling the non-doctor a 'doctor' and so forth. That is what it was like watching these people call each other 'professor.'

You ask whether FCSL should be sanctioned.



Ha! Sadly, this is the impression of the faculty at top tier schools that I am compelled to reach as well.

It seems that a bare JD makes many of these pampered elitists believe that they are capable of pontificating on any subject, whether they could have qualified as a "professor" in that department of the university or not. So, one is the "economist," another, the "historian," another the "sociologist," and so on.

It is sort of funny, in a sad sort of way, these JDs, who have little or no training or experience in ANYTHING (not legal experience, certainly) posturing. Worse, the trend to hiring the pompous PhD, who pretends to be able to teach law.

So pathetic.


anon - unless you've been inside a for-profit school, you have no idea about what goes on inside of one. I think AnonForThis's description is pretty accurate.


"Looking at the actual content of the letters, the only ones that are comparable in seriousness are the letters received by Appalachian, Thomas Jefferson, Arizona Summit and John Marshall. Thurgood Marshall was directed to take remedial actions for similar standards violations, Valparaiso was censured for prior violations of admissions policies, and Ave Maria was ordered to take remedial action to correct its lax admissions standards. These schools, along with Charlotte School of Law and Whittier School of Law, both now out of business, have had the most egregiously exploitative admissions standards of all ABA Schools from 2012-2016, and among the worst bar results in the country over the last three years.

Big hand to Jay Conison, who managed to be directly in charge of 22% of "the most egregious" schools you cite during the relevant time period, and a member of the ABA accreditation committee for the years leading up to that time period.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

It may not be the school, but the individual. I know and attorney (yes, licensed) who got divorced in middle age (I think he sold cars) and decided to start all over. He choose Florida Costal because he "could sit and study on the beach all day and look at the hotties" (His words and his name is not Weinstein). If I was ever rendered sick, sore and disabled because someone ran a pallet cart into my thighs at Walgreens ($7.3 million-Cook County Jury), I would hire this attorney in a heart beat. He is affable and everybody loves him. He schmoozes with the best of 'em. Law is not about academics or even the law. It is all about relationships...

Mike Hutter

May be the answer to the ABA is to have John Grisham named Dean and his inspiration Paul Campos named vice-dean. They know what's going on.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Yes, of course. John Grisham.

The same John Grisham who doesn't like drunk white guys in prison who view child porn late at night. He apologized for it. I guess its all good now that he wrote a shitty new book and in a recent Vanity Fair interview calls Trump a fraud.

And we question why Hillary lost?

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