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November 06, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Of immediate concern to the academics here is that this so called tax "reform" eliminates the deduction for student loan interest. That is a YUGE deal for higher education. President Bone Spur's plan is really dishonest at best. It does absolutely noting to assist the middle class. While were on the mortgage interest deduction, it also eliminates the deduction for "second" investment properties. Many of those are small time ma and pa landlords who might own a small condo or house and rent it out for a few hundred dollars a month. Deductions and depreciation help with the thin profit margins.


Singapore and Hong Kong have aggressive government programs that promote ownership (less money down, lower interest rates, special housing units, tax incentives), and this makes for increased social stability. If they can do it, why can't we?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


The USA does have this. It's called being a Red State. Per capita and out right federal outlays, most federal money flows to Red States. Red States are welfare dependent.

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