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October 04, 2017


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Al Brophy

Congratulations on the book, Steve. This looks like a great conference. Will the panels by podcast?

Steve L.

Thanks, Al. The panels will be video recorded and posted on our law school website. A link will be posted here when available. (I have updated the post with this information.)

Al Brophy

I see that Interrogating Ethnography is already up on for those who'd like to see a preview -- congratulations again. I look forward to getting a copy shortly after October 20. It probably doesn't seem this way to you, but it seems to me like you finished this really quickly!

I continue to think there is a parallel issue in methods that intellectual historians have to ethnographers: how to maintain enough distance from subjects of study. One common criticism of intellectual history is that historians impose their own framework and ideas on their subjects, so that our interpretations may have more to say about us and what's in/on our minds than what our subjects were thinking. This is an issue I spend a lot of time worrying/thinking for my pre-Civil War judges and lawyers.

Marc Roark


Alexander Tsesis

Great news on the book, Steve, and even better news that a whole conference will be devoted to it.


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