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October 17, 2017


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But, he wasn't bending the rules. Had he, the rules would have been bended, not bent, right?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

aka 1-20-17 12:01 PM EDT

Jason Bent

Does "bended" in soccer really come from the noun "bend" (as in "bend of the ball's flight") or does it actually come from the verb ("to bend the ball's typical trajectory")? I am not enough of a soccer enthusiast to know the origin, but I have more than a passing interest in the proper usage of the word bent.

S. Lubet

Jason Bent: I cannot answer your question other than by reference to Pinker's book, and assuming that "bended the ball" is similar to "flied out." Perhaps not, although "bended" is still the right term for a soccer kick.

Interestingly, there appears to be another Jason Bent who is a former professional soccer player:

Maybe we could ask him.

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