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September 27, 2017


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Of course, the prayer to the deity that opens the SCOTUS is different: that prayer is secular, correct? We all know about the religious icons in the SCOTUS, etc. This is an old debate.

I would tend to agree that inviting an extended prayer and asking folks to leave a courtroom if they don't agree likely violates the sense of impartiality to which a court must adhere. It might make sense to mention that, rather than just stringing together a bunch of emotional appeals based on irrelevancies.

For example, the way that Moore explained his electoral victory is irrelevant, or, are you asserting that the public needs to examine the statements of every individual in public office, and scrub any one who refers to religion? That would be sweet, right Steve?

As to whether this country was "founded on religious beliefs" there is a bona fide argument to be had and you imply otherwise. If you study the history of the English settlements that began as colonies and then states that unified to form this nation, you'll start to get a clue. YOu might want to start with the proceedings and declarations of those political entities.

Of course, we've come a long way since then and atheism seems to be the prevailing religion in legal academia, to be sure. I don't claim anything about Lubet's beliefs and his beliefs are personal and should be irrelevant to this discussion imho. I would point out, however, that the many atheists in legal academia, should, in my view, be as careful as any other religious zealots and bigots to make particularly sure that they do not paint others with too broad a brush.

Dave Garrow

I just hope EVERYONE has today made a contribution to Doug Jones For U. S. Senate!


Today's homework assignment, students, is to compare and contrast the election to Congress , should it happen, of an Alabama state supreme court justice who was removed from office for misconduct and the election of Alcee Hastings of Florida, who previously had been impeached and removed from the federal judiciary.

In both cases the republic will survive.


What horrifies me is that this guy coukd get elected in Alabama. Must remember it next time someone suggests building a plant there - are you sure you’d be welcome? All of you?


PaulB - the thing with a ‘death of a thousand cuts’ is that no individual cut is fatal, but the cumulative impact of them is.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Is it so bad what these Fundamentalists and Evangelicals want? So, they want prayer in schools, religious stuff in public buildings and acknowledgment that we are a Nation under God. At least these religious zealots don't kill innocents, blow up airliners, destroy cultures or behead people online. They aren't so bad, all things considered. The only thing is his ant-LGBT rhetoric that really hurts.

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