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September 25, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

This is the type of thinking and journalism to be expected when people slightly darker than our Dotard in Chief are labeled as "criminals, rapists, and bad hombres." Everybody who is deported, rightly or wrongly are martyred. We see the same thing playin out with the BLM movement. Anyone killed or wounded by police, even armed fleeing felons, are lionized as heroes. Nuance and facts are thrown out the window to make a point...

Dave Garrow

Great job, Steve, but if anyone took the time to look at the professional & political background of the author of the S-T piece, I think this would seem *much* less surprising. Too bad that the S-T now employs her.

Stan Nadel

I'm mostly in agreement with this, except for "She was convicted of a terrible crime, but she served her time in Israel and was released from prison in an amnesty as part of a prisoner exchange." She was released as part of a prisoner exchange to be sure, but she did not serve her time, she only served a small portion of her sentence--9 years instead of a life sentence. She has never expressed any remorse for her murders and she is still affiliated with the PFLP terrorist organization--so giving her credit for having lived a commendable life since her release also strikes me as giving her far too much credit.


Dave Garrow. Can you please explain your comment.

Dave Garrow

Dear Jeff: Please do a web search on the S-T author. It seems as if you've not.


A few years ago I had a row with the Guardian after they published a story in the print version on the lynching, torture and murder of a Palestinian couple, accused of being Israeli spies. The torture and murders were particularly cruel and gruesome, non-judicial (the Palestinian Authority had no involvement other than in Action) the evidence that they spied for the Israelis scant at best.

What angered me was the euphemisms the Guardian editors had used - they died, they were executed, they were tried - they dodged torture, mutilation, lynching.... the Guardian took the story down from their website.

The partisan tendency to downplay one’s own sides misconduct, to engage in ‘but they’ responses annoys me, in Northern Ireland, in Israel/Palestine, Hindu/Muslim in India, etc.

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