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August 08, 2017


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Would this be in addition to (or in competition w/) the AALS? Is so, isn't it just imposing another expense and burden, time wise, on candidates? I don't see how that can be justified at all. Maybe it offers something to tenured lateral candidates, if it replaces (rather than facilitates) the burdensome practice of "look-see" visits, but unless it does that, I really see no attraction to it at all. Can someone who thinks it's an attractive idea explain it a bit? (If anything, I am perhaps in favor of the direction that philosophy and some other disciplines have been moving, deciding that even one hiring conference is one too many, and that insofar as people want to do first-round interviews at all, they can be done via skype. That's not perfect, and there are some good arguments for a centralized, grounding hiring conference - in particular that it helps focus the hiring season - but this proposal seems to go against that. As is, I really see no advantage.)


As someone whose AALS experience is much more recent, I agree with Matt that a second entry-level hiring process is totally the wrong idea. There is a lot about AALS that could be improved, but the one very good thing about it is that AALS is the only game in town for entry level hiring. For those of us who are going through the stressful and expensive process, is is significant consolation to know that we have access to the same opportunities that every other entry level has. Fragmenting the process only hurts us. Instead of expending energy and resources to build something new, why not get involved with AALS and help fix the broken system that we already have?


While agreeing with the above posts that a second entry-level hiring faire would be counterproductive, I think the market in mid/late career recruiting is in much need of reform.

I would strongly welcome a productive, safe environment for us mid-career folks to explore and meet faculties looking to hire in a more transparent process. Too many mid-level hiring spots are by word of mouth and leave schools at risk of eventual mistrust of process.

If not a true meet and greet interview faire, the SEALS could offer a database of interested profs and hiring faculties; facilitated by Skype/FaceTime interviews. Minimum effort, big gains.

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