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August 31, 2017


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Eric Gouvin

Am I the only one who thinks it is odd that neither Ms. Gunderson nor Ms. Moeser before her have ever taken a bar exam themselves? Both gained admission to the Wisconsin bar by way of the "diploma privilege" afforded to Wisconsin's two law schools.

And why has the discussion of a wider diploma privilege for other jurisdictions never gone anywhere? Does the overall quality of the Wisconsin bar serve as a cautionary tale? My impression is that the quality of Wisconsin's lawyers is about on par with lawyers in other states, despite the fact that they never passed a bar exam. Just wondering.


"Moeser, who resigned after 23 years at the helm, created significant controversy when she argued that declining bar pass rates might be due to having a pool of "less able" test takers in recent years."

It is beyond insane that this is controversial. The idea that bar exam success has no relation to the pre-law school academic ability of students is bizarre.

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