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August 15, 2017


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More mythology: lawyer employment and incomes have grown steadily over two decades. The recent disconnect is not between legal education and employment but between demand for legal education and law school supply.


"The dysfunction of the legal education marketplace seemingly is confirmed by the fact that students continue to enroll in and pay very high tuition amounts at schools with persistently very weak legal employment rates notwithstanding substantial transparency in law graduate employment outcomes. If anything, a school’s persistently weak legal employment rates indicate that the employment market lacks confidence in the quality of the law school’s program, whether it be the quality of the faculty, students, academic program, career services, or some combination of these or other factors."

On the other hand, the schools with weak legal employment rates have experienced significant shrinkge, to a much greater extent than other schools- indication of a functional marketplace. I guess it depends on whether you see the glass as half-empty or half-full.



So, how should this "disconnect" be resolved?

YOu seem to say that there are too many law schools seats for too few students seeking those seats.

Fair enough. So, in your infallible opinion, should bottom feeders find a way to enroll more students, despite dismal prospects of finding employment, or, should more law schools that are poorly performing, and for which there is insufficient demand, close? Or, perhaps, you believe that federal support for failing law schools (by way of student indebtedness, the only means for these law schools to survive) should continue without any standards?

Or, perhaps you have the solution to the problem of substandard, bottom feeding institutions functioning in a way to support the greed of the faculty and operators? Or, perhaps, this isn't a problem that you care to think about or acknowledge.

Or, perhaps you are just into being condescending? To what "mythology" are you referring?

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