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July 15, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

The Presidential Commission on High Art said no. They want our Leader to have plenty to look at when he stops by Hardees at Love's trucking plazas. He just adores the shape of artsy chrome lady mud flaps.

Brian Frye

Excellent idea. I'm not aware of anyone doing a mudflap show, at least to date.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Thanks for being a good sport and appreciating my humor. It's my only outlet to my incipient depressed state since 1-20-17 12:01 pm EDT.

To answer your post seriously, I have to look to my interests and experiences: Automobile museums. The collection of vehicle, themes and exhibits need to be rotated. Once you have seen the same car beyond twice, I am not inclined to return and pay admission. I am not sure it's really about ethics as much as it is about economic viability....keeping the lights and heat on and attracting new and repeat patrons. Practically speaking, it's also about the gift shop....selling new and different chochkies...based on new exhibits.

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