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June 21, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Originalism in this limited context means abolishing the EPA altogether. In the early 70s, I recall my dad telling that Nixon needed a huge "Wag the Dog" style diversion from his prosecution of the Vietnam police action. Nixon came up with "pollution and pollution controls" as my dad put it.


Your entire thesis and construction is so stale and amateurish - stringing together the names of "conservatives" you clearly loathe (without even attempting to describe their views), labeling them "conservatives" and thus posturing them as "enemies" by smearing them (noting and spinning irrelevant personal facts), throwing around some buzz words and slogans (too numerous to mention, but this point is quite obvious), and then coming to a ridiculous conclusion (e.g., here "Originalism has become hegemonic on the Right vis-a-vis the Constitution; its reach may be expanding.").

You have clear established that you have a deep reservoir of hateful attitudes towards "conservatives" and "the right" but, truly, in all these long tiresome posts, there isn't even an ounce of scholarship, insight or compelling reason. Your polemical rants are often wrong on the facts, and woefully short on research and thoughtfulness.

Professor Hank Cornley

" all these long, tiresome posts" which I keep reading...


Professor .... and your point is?

Hope springs eternal. Sometimes, a poster on this website learns something along the way. Especially one who seemingly has not had to face critical comments from those who do not share certain bigoted and prejudiced premises that are, admittedly, prevalent but unfounded. The author above, IMHO, has gone way off the deep end. Oh wait, I forgot. Your implied point is that those who don't agree shouldn't read what they dont' agree with.


Apparently, you think reading and thinking and commenting about another's pov, one with which this reader finds serious flaws, is some sort of error. That, dear sir, is illogical and the sort of an argument that one wouldn't expect from an open minded, liberal thinker like you. Oh wait. I forgot. You took the time to post a comment faulting someone for reading a post and commenting.

FWIW, I don't think that the author above has thought enough about his premises and his prejudices against and contempt for "conservatives" (a banner under which he lumps together everything he perceives to be "not liberal" which, in reading his comments, amounts to a nonsensical categorization full of bunk and rich with some really vile personal smears).

As stated above, I don't think his posts add anything to an understanding of "originalism" but instead amount to nothing more than a poorly thought out excuse for calumny against a concept that the author mistakes for a political party. I find these sorts of political vendettas, posing as "scholarship" to be inappropriate and degrading to the enterprise of valid scholarship.

Until this website says otherwise, those who come to post have to expect some push back on this sort of political blather. You have the right to make snarky remarks. I find your comment no more valid or useful than you find mine.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


Originalism is neither Conservative nor Liberal. It is a response to the notion that the constitution is a "living, breathing document" that comports itself to today's norms and values. Nationalistic Extremism in the form of Donald Trump has poked its ugly camel nose into the tent. The "new values" of the bo0y politic, at least in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Originalism can restore the balance back to the middle.

Enrique Guerra Pujol

Google translate for progressive versus conservative discourse: "This new development of invoking [equality] as a [broadening] device for a regulatory agency by conservative governing elites is worth paying attention to. [Social justice] has become hegemonic on the [Left] vis-a-vis the Constitution; its reach may be expanding."


Hi. Professor. I wasn't sure to post this here but as it relates to Environmental Law, I wanted to post regarding the death of Professor Cheever from the University of Denver. I'm not sure there was a post here about his death which occurred on a rafting trip with his family in Dinosaur Nationsl Park.

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