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June 08, 2017


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

There is more I would comment on but for the time, so I'll confine myself to the "whacko diets favored by naturopaths." The blog writer's diet in this case is not at all representative of "naturopathic" dietary recommendations, which vary quite widely. For example, some recommend vegan diets, others not (especially, it seems, for women), some are vegetarians, and some have meat in their diets. None of the "official" and unofficial diets I've read about in the neuropathic literature strike me as "whacko." I happen to be a vegan (and I'm not committed to naturopathy although I would endorse _some_ of its principles and practices), which not a few folks may, wrongly I believe, consider a "whacko" diet, but it has helped me with Type 2 diabetes and weight management. I don't necessarily recommend it to everybody. Most of my life I was a vegetarian (for ethical, political, and religious reasons), but still had a fairly poor diet as such things so, unlike my dear wife, who has always been an exemplary vegetarian (and has good reasons for not being a vegan). My principal reason for being a vegan arose from personal health experimentation, the sort of "experimentation" (within constraints of various sorts) naturopaths are likely to favor. (Other kinds of reasons for being a vegan can be found in the writings of Michael Dorf and Sherry Colb, mentioned because this is a law blog and they happen to be law professors).

Not a few correctional facilities accommodate religiously motivated "special" diets, as we do in California: Kosher, Halal, and Vegetarian. The challenge to Oregon's budget comes in the first instance from current sentencing and incarceration practices.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Regarding diagnosis and treatment of child maltreatment/abuse. I remind readers of this blog post that it was an MD who coined the term "Crack Baby" and came to deeply regret that. It is MD's who misdiagnose Shaken Trauma Syndrome...some are just now "correcting" their mistakes...just some thoughts... Maybe for child abuse, its not such a bad thing to bring about a rounded, holistic approach?


Oregon was in the forefront as well of physician assisted suicide. It seems that this state can't restrain its open and obvious motive to terminate its ill and elderly at the earliest possible time.

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