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June 21, 2017


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Bridget Crawford

Congratulations, Al!

Bill Turnier

Al, I have known you were leaving for a while and privately expressed my regrets. I would like to take this public opportunity to thank you for your time spent in Chapel Hill. It has been a pleasure to know you and you definitely must go down as one of the most interesting and eclectic law profs that I have been privileged to know. I will try to continue sending you occasional interesting photos from Maine.

Tamara Piety

Congrats Al! Alabama truly has a stellar faculty.

Mary Ellen Maatman


Steve Garland

Congratulations. Sorry we were never able to have met. Have enjoyed the posts and the location mysteries. Best of luck in Alabama, and you'll have to let me know if there are any bookstores down that way like Oak Knoll.

Derek Tokaz

I'm not saying you should take a picture of a herd of cows and call it the Auburn Law School, but... you should take a picture of a herd of cows and call it the Auburn Law School.


Ian Holloway

Best of luck in the new gig, Al! 'Bama is lucky to get you. And jus think - you'll have a Canadian among your new colleagues!

Al Brophy

Thanks for all the kind words. I'm excited to get to Tuscaloosa and getting into the archives. Derek, at the law school in Tuscaloosa we love *both* the Alabama *and* the Auburn grads. For real. This reminds me of a conversation I had on a flight into Birmingham recently. I was sitting next to a rabid Alabama fan and when I mentioned that I was house-hunting in Tuscaloosa he said that I should get one of the condos that overlooks the football practice field. But that I'd need to sign an non-disclosure agreement. I nearly fell out of my seat; I said, I know all about that! And that I've even asked a final exam question based on that some years back. Then, I thought I'd say something humorous -- "do you root for teams like Auburn because Alabama wins too much and you think everyone should get to win?" He looked at me like I was from outer space and said, "I don't go for any of that socialism." He thought that the Auburn-Alabama rivalry was even more heated than UNC-Duke. I said I don't know about that -- but I'll look forward to gauging this for myself. A bunch of people sitting around thought that was one amusing conversation.

Alexander Tsesis

I'm sure you'll be as excellent in Alabama as you have been everywhere; but as to the photo contest, you know Jason Mazzone is going to win no matter what you post.
Big Al

Caprice Roberts

Congratulations Al. What a wonderful homecoming for you and Alabama. No doubt you'll be missed at UNC, but all of your amazing historical posts from the state will remain. Also glad that the state of Georgia will be part of your next rotation. Come back and visit us in Savannah anytime.

Jason Mazzone

I'll look forward to many Alabama photo contests! I hope you'll continue to send me the images 24 hours before you post them. :)

Alexander Tsesis

How my brain reacts when I see Al's photo post: That's a series of red brick on top of some grey bricks, and let's see that's a street in the background with a stop sign, the grass appears to have been recently mowed. The way Jason Mazzone's more advanced intellect works: That is the site of the courthouse where one of the most important cases in U.S. history was decided, which I remember reading about in at least five books: My recall indicates that the front entrance was the locus of a discussion on a key issue that led to the advancement of civil rights. And me, I'm still on: So given how hard it is to figure this one out, I'll go eat a Nutella Candy before pondering it some more. And Jason: I think after posting my answer to Brophy's photo contest, I'll add three books to my reading list to help me better understand that point in history.

Back to preparing for my Sunday presentation....

Al Brophy

Jason -- I've got a couple of good Alabama building trivia ideas already. Much fun to be had, very soon! I'm always amazed that you and Owen can identify these. I can barely tell what they are and I took the photos!

Sally Hadden

Congrats, Al. UA is lucky to have you back!

Hari Osofsky

Congratulations to you and to Alabama! They are lucky to have you.

Andy Wright

Huge Congrats, Al!

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