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May 09, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Let's take off the gloves here and leave the academic niceties aside. Some folks of bad faith didn't like "Brown" or Earl Warren so they came up with "Originalism" to protect a White man's Second Amendment right to own a gun. A White man, of what ever mental state, has a god ordained right to purchase an arsenal of mass death from Farm 'N Fleet...

Deep State Counter-Policy Reform

Yes, let's take the gloves off. Thank God for the white man. Otherwise, your Muslim black brothers would have your @ss in chains somewhere in the darkest of Africa. Black-on-black slavery still exists you know. It was the white man who gave the world freedom. As in the Magna Carta, the Constitution, etc. Didn't happen all at once or as soon as we might have liked, but here we are. Thanks to the white man.

So yes, let's take the gloves off.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I am requesting that the owner of this blog or post remove my post above. My post follows and adds to the analysis of the initial post. Folks did seek the impeachment of Chief Justice Earl Warren. The Second Amendment (Heller) is a huge part of Originalism and I believe both are culturally yolked to religion and race relations. Our current President was able to understand that and operationalize it to his benefit and our Nation's collective loss.

Somehow in a twisted sense of logic, the response to my post by "Counter Policy Reform" is a racist screed right out of the White Nationalism espoused on the Storm Front Website.

I do not want any part of Deep State Counter-Policy Reform's platform.

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