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May 02, 2017


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How do we reconcile the seeming confusion between the well intentioned concern and affirmative action for indigenous people and bestowing these same concerns and benefits upon persons who claim to belong to the "La Raza" - which, as the legal fiction that it is, mainly breaks down, at least as the Census defines "Hispanic," to a very strange classification indeed. Such programs bestow benefits on persons originating from a Spanish speaking country (whether a white descendent of Cortez, etc., black, brown or otherwise). Does this make sense, particularly because it seems that such programs are like bestowing benefits on the descendants of slave holders in Alabama, because they come from "the South" and pronounce their "Southern sounding" names with a "Southern" accent.


A further thought ...

Given the way that some people over pronounce Spanish words when speaking English, glorify "La Raza" (by definition, a Spanish phrase used to describe a non existent reality) and speak about "Hispanics" being entitled to affirmative action (even the white descendant, as stated above, of the "Spanish invaders"), it would be interesting to hear those who comment in this site about the Jews in Israel speak to this mind set.

Over the past few days, we've seen Jew haters ranting about the Jewish "colonialists" in Israel (presumably, no Jews lived in Israel before the "Zionists" discovered it). Why no ranting about the "Spanish invaders"? Why is every person who has a name derived from the culture of these invaders, including the direct descendants of these invaders, considered an "underprivileged minority" that deserves special consideration?

Again, indigenous people, of course. But, we all know that the term "Hispanic" is applied in the main to folks who have basically few or no connections to any community of indigenous people on this continent.

Irrational selective outrage based on Jew hate, or just another example of the absurdity that passes for thought in legal academia (where the Jews in Israel are mainly reviled and the descendants of the slave-holding, looting, culture destroying, exploiters known as teh "Spanish invaders" are elevated)?

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