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May 01, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Isn't Purdue a chicken producer? All kidding aside, anything academic or intellectual to come out of Indiana is a positive even a partnership like this. Most of Indiana is a dystopian flat land scape of industrial soybean plantations, Dollar Generals, Diabetes clinics, corrugated metal Casey's, Walmarts, gun and pawn shops, newly constructed jails and used car lots with Saturns, Pontiacs, LeSabres and Hyundias. Their governor shut down the Planned Parenthood and STD rates soared. Indianapolis and New Harmony are the exceptions.

Anon JD/MD

Deep State Special Legal Counsel, why did you give up posting under Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King?


Anon JD/MD

This happened after side by side comparisons of the comments posted under these two monikers. One suspects this poster has often engaged in exchanges with "himself" ... but, a retreat when exposed would clearly suggest an intent long suspected, at least by me: to destroy the commenting feature on this site by lifting a leg and piddling on every hydrant, leaving the whole street stinking of "his" piss.


BTW, the comment above referred to being exposed as posting comments under multiple aliases.

I don't support exposing the true identity of this vulgarian, or anyone else posting comments anonymously.

For those interested, though, I think the vulgarian has left many, many clues, in plain view.

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