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April 24, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Global Elites sent by the Chinese to destroy our Jobs. My children, take comfort in the Second Amendment and the Bible (the Genesis parts only) What more does one need?


The scientists are smoking, while teaching young people that they are, as Lubet claim, infallible prophets who produced "a strong consensus across the political spectrum that science was accurate, forward looking, beneficial, and worth funding."

This is emblematic of the blinders that the Party members wear. Just as in Woodrow Wilson's day, they want the "people" to be led by "experts" who will dictate right and wrong. Freedom and democracy just get in the way.

Unfortunately, although it is true that "scientists" could, in the 1950s discern what was known (as the opening slide demonstrates) for about 5,000 years, it is also true that these all too human and fallible researchers couldn't figure out, apparently, that smoking in educational videos wasn't exactly " accurate, forward looking, beneficial, and worth funding."

No, hero worship of the elite in society and advocating for their control of every aspect of society is folly, every time.


There would be more controversy with the sexist, racist, and homophobic language used.


Yeah, sort of like law faculties, with the exception of the last one.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

anon at 3:37

We once elected Presidents who built a grand Interstate system and inspired us to go to go to the moon and beyond and one who gave us HOPE. Our scientists, engineers, teachers, professors, astronauts and doctors were once national heroes, and yes, intellectual leaders. What was wrong with Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Charles Drew and Jonas Salk? They are now viewed as ELITES and vilified as intellectuals.

So, what we have today is a medieval Wall Worship the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS and $50K Chromed out Pick Up Trucks.

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