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April 11, 2017


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FCSL is protected because it is chock full of ex-ABA officials. FCSL has deans and teachers who were on the ABA side accrediting the school and then switch to working for the school itself, without a proper cooling off period, they simply went back and forth accrediting and then working at the school they were accrediting. That is what the ABA does, period. The accrediting system is based on a massive revolving door that creates insoluble conflicts of interest. The whole thing is rotten to the core. To put FCSL on probation would be tantamount to the ABA indicting its own corrupt system. Don't hold your breath.


Exactly, AnonForThis. Just like the SEC and Wall Street.

That said, it's sad it had to go this far. Frakt's arguments were data-driven from the beginning. Instead of listening, the Cartel said "screw you, party-pooper, we know what we're doing, because Reasons."

While it is nice to be right, the victory is pyrrhic. Who wants to throw young people on the pyre (well, besides certain law schools, of course) just for the sake of pride? It's easy to take a gamble with Other People's Money/Lives, I guess.


As someone who has taught 1Ls at a low ranked school, but one far, far better than the Infilaw schools, and taught in academic support courses, at some point, there is nothing that can be done for some students. FCLS is just buying time and hoping that the market returns to the good old days.

David Frakt

AnonForThis -

When you say that FSL is "chock full of ex-ABA officials" to whom are you referring? When you say that FCSL has deans and teachers who were on the ABA side accrediting the school and then switch[ed] to working for the school itself" to whom are you referring? I have noted in the past that Dean Jay Conison, until recently, the Dean of Charlotte Law School, was an ABA insider (and this ultimately did not prevent the ABA from putting Charlotte on probation, or for that matter, censuring Valparaiso, his former school), but I am not aware of anyone at FCSL that had a role in ABA accreditation. I am not saying that there aren't any, only that definitive statements of this type should be backed up with evidence.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I have personally worked with an attorney who attended this joint. He does PI work. If it were me that was dragged off that United plane and bloodied up, I would retain this guy in a heartbeat. He knows that the real practice of law is about relationships, glad handing, being likeable and personable. It is the art of working with a diverse crowd under extreme pressures and constraints. He knows how to make folks laugh. Like I said, a great lawyer. He attended law school as a second career and decided on Florida Costal because he could "sit on the beach, study" and "admire" the "hotties." His words.

Anon JD/MD

Florida Coastal’s mismanagement harmed a lot of students last year. According to the school’s 2016 employment stats, 83 students were unemployed and seeking work 10 months after graduation. 33% of graduates from the class of 2016 were unemployed. 13% of graduates turned to part time or short term jobs. Only 36% of grads obtained full time, long term, bar passage required employment.

Those employment statistics are disgraceful. I can only imagine what it is like for those 83 grads, struggling to support themselves, struggling to obtain access to health care, dealing with the stress of unemployment, and watching as their student loan debt accumulates interest.

The 2016 employment stats were similar at the other Infilaw schools. Less than a quarter of Charlotte grads obtained full time, long term, bar passage required employment. 35% of Charlotte grads were unemployed and 27% turned to part time and short term jobs, including “non-professional” jobs. None of this matters to people like Jay Conison. He has no remorse for his students or shame that his school is a scam. He is more concerned about getting student loan money flowing back into his bank account.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


Florida Costal is not a scam. Dr. Dao, the Drag King of United Airlines, could have "walked" into any one of Florida Coastal's lawyer alum offices. That lawyer would have hit the "jackpot." No more Le Sabres and 12 year old Accords.

What you are really saying is that all of America is a scam because there is no guarantee of employment and wealth. Don't forget, we have the Mother of All Bombs.


Maybe Anonforthis is referring to Dennis Archer? Former ABA president, on the Infilaw National Board of Advisors (not the Florida Coastal faculty).
Other than Conison and Archer, who else?

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