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March 25, 2017


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Deep Sate Special Legal Counsel

How ironic. If the legal profession were really concerned about "business climate" it would address the multiple ways lawyers tear down entrepreneurship. The most recent example is talcum powder. There is one really elderly PI television blowhard trolling for talcum powder matters. He can't even pronounce the words properly, But, I bet he will put Johnson and Johnson out of business. Or Workman's Comp....just because one is hurt on the job, why should they automatically get a pay out from the company? An example from my jurisdiction is that an office worker strained his back while reaching for a pen that fell from his desk. He sued. Lawyers almost put General Aviation (Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney) out of business with multiple law suits. They still have not recovered even since Congress placed a 10 year limit on filings.

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