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March 24, 2017


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It is interesting that more women are being appointed Dean, esp. to low tier schools. (See Thomas Jefferson earlier this week). I see a similarity to women being appointed to head businesses when they are in trouble (Marissa Meyer at Yahoo as just one example). This phenomenon has been documented in several pieces I have read. It has now come to legal ed.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Bernie at 5:27,

Sears= Eddie Lampert. Old General Motors: Roger Smith, Et al. New GM Company: Mary Berraea (Profitable). Eastern Airlines = Frank Lorenzo. Donald Trump= Trump Air Lines. W. Paul Jones = Payless Shoes (Bankruptcy).

What are you implying? I don't get it.


Do either of you have any statistics to back up your positions, or are you just spouting anecdotes? Sad to see logical fallacies disguised as good arguments. I hope neither of you are professors.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

I am not a professor. I am a proud three bill retail theft lawyer spouting anecdotes to counter Bernie up there. I am the anti-thesis of Trump/Archie Bunker. A loud mouth Liberal. At least on these threads, I won't be called a Lib-Tard.


Based on your level of intelligence, that sounds about right.



If one has read his "comments," there are certain conclusions about the "Captain" one can draw.

The "Captain" is a guise, likely for a law professor, determined to undermine the commenting feature on this site.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

The "Captain" is at the movies.

Learned Handsome

Let's not even mention the other drain-circlers ... Harvard, Yale, and Virginia


I rise to object to your posts against Der Captain. He is a Bruder and I find his comments insightful and often funny. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I do not agree with many of his opinions but he is the real deal for the traditional liberal view.
Your insults of the Captain are silly and wrong. Captain, best wishes to Mrs. Captain.


Yes, the strategy works best with multiple aliases.

This is a great demonstration of the new means by which websites can be used to manipulate: or, as here, the way that a strategy can be employed to destroy the commenting section of a website by one determined individual.


PBS on the Newshour had a piece on this in 2015 entitled : why women are often put in charge of failing companies. Check it out. The theory is not absurd. It is called the Glass Cliff. Women are often selected for risky leadership positions. After the guys have failed, bring in a girl.

Deep Sate Special Legal Counsel


Are you suggesting that Hillary would win in 2020?

Captain Hurska Carswell, Continuance King

Vote Trump,

Thank you for your kindness. Mrs. Captain is good. After all, how many spouses in America get to rest their weary heads on a pillow each night with a top litigator, heavy hitter three bill retail theft lawyer like me at their side? I have a big mouth and admit it. On this forum, I have the cloak of relative anonymity. In court, I do not. We still have public court rooms. I once got really frustrated with a judge when he called them "MIRANDA RIGHTS." I told him that they were WARNINGS elucidating 5th and 6th Amendment rights. I never heard the end of that...

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