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January 27, 2017


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Come on, people. Alt facts have been around for a while. You can keep your doctor, an example of one. Or was that just an outright lie?

Let's stop focusing on every word the Trumpsters speak and watch what they actually do.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King


On abortion and Trump, I concur with you on this one. Living among Evangelical Christians, one can obtain an abortion and birth control within the community. It is a matter of being discrete, not loud and proud as if you lived at Halstead and Diversey. Just keep your mouth shut. Nobody really wants to hear about it. They know it happens.....

I see the same pattern with Trump. He will appease the "Base" with some early jingoistic platitudes and policy tweaks and never hear about abortion again. As long as you keep your mouth shut. Same thing happened with Bush II. They had a field day with Terry Shaivo and a few abortion statements and nothing really happened.


if you really want to talk about alternative facts, just watch one side try to deny that a fetus is a human being

Carole Silver

The entire op-ed is well worth reading.

Ray McKoski

I agree that the op-ed is worth reading.

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