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January 29, 2017


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Patrick has had some, shall we say, interesting things to say about the "deplorables" he excoriates. Any comment by him on the subject of Israel is really worth a skim.

Partick's voice, the voice of a self described "anarcho-communist" fits in so well with the views of others so often expressed in the FL. The Party allegiances that compel so many to so much hate and dysfunctional views are the coin of realm in legal academia, and this leads to the demonizing and constant condemnations of Republicans and any other persons who don't adhere to the Party line.

Unfortunately, I've also read many comments in the FL that refer - both directly and indirectly - to Jews, Christians, and Israel in, shall we say, less than glowing terms.* In fact, if some of this speech had been directed at other groups, one believes that the moralistic denizens of the FL (whose "moralism" is relative, of course) would have been screaming "FOUL."

The anger of the Party partisans is so palpable, that all the while, every day, these saints are tearing their hair out about some new outrage to their ever so righteous sensibilities (i.e., "when we do it, it is ok, when they do it, it is the end of civilization as we know it").

That is the reason it is so important for someone to speak out in this swamp of group think to try to bring the hysteria down just a bit. Not that this will change any minds. But, perhaps, the inability to justify much of the partisan sniping does speak for itself.

*See, e.g., the comment above that references:
"the more regressive and perverse socio-cultural materials found in this country’s history: ... white and ‘Christian’ ... "
"the residual messianic tribalism incarnate in the idea of a “chosen people” ..."
" the avowed Christians in your ranks,"
"'“the Hebrew concept of idolatry ...'"

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