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January 10, 2017


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Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Those who oppose his policies, need to pick their battles. If we oppose EVERYTHING, nobody will listen to us. We need to draw a line and fight where it really counts. This fellow, if he acts like John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales or Michael Brown he will be gone. On the other hand, we need to fight like hell for a Supreme Court seat that was pilfered from Obama.


"Of course, I am not equating contemporary opposition to Sessions with antebellum abolitionism ..."


Perhaps PResser actually researched the issues, rather than relying on the Party's talking points (which, interestingly, keep changing. The items identified above, at least in part, are matters of law that the Congress, with the full support of the Party, passed (asset forfeiture, and the war on drugs, fully supported and advanced by Congress and every President since Reagan, especially Clinton.)

Opposition to penal reform? What is the evidence for this?

Comparing yourself to abolitionists while advancing such thin and questionable claims does smack of a haughty, holier than thou, moralistic tone, which is SOOOO inappropriate under the circumstances.

Patrick S. O'Donnell

Re: "the long-standing tradition of American anti-intellectualism." Indeed, this is one of the most vigorous and recalcitrant traditions in this country's history, and the Right is particularly adept at exploiting its vices (if I recall correctly, Tocqueville suggests or implies how or why anti-intellectualism is woven into the fabric of American society). The blog of the Society for U.S. Intellectual History, appropriately enough, has had a number of posts treating this topic (enter the term in its search engine). Of course "academics" are treated as synonymous with "intellectuals" although a normative definition of the latter (say, courtesy of Chomsky or Sartre or Kagarlitsky) would probably exclude quite a number of the former (I prefer adjectival qualifications: academic, technocratic, radical, statist, what have you). In any case, visit the U.S. Intellectual History blog for occasional provocative discussions of this subject:

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Tocqueville, 1000 Law Professors, a day at the Art Institute v. A Hot Babe, a 1000 horsepower truck, a day hunting. Pretty simple decision.


A 1970 mustang boss hoss up in the front with 2 blondes that are looking for love, a case of Coors, thise were the days, yes Captain, a hard choice indeed.
You are correct whatever side you are on you must select the battle royales otherwise you exhaust yourself.


"... and other expressions of disagreement with the government, which I think are essential in democracy..."

At least now they are, after an 8 year hiatus.


Are VoteTrump and the Captain the same person? Seem to have a very similar "style."


I can assure you we are distinct persons.


The Captain had been pretty virulently anti-Trump on some other fora in the lead up to the election (at least, someone using that same handle). He seems to have resigned himself to Trump in the interim.

In any event, no, unlikely to be "VoteTrump".

Oh, and just to keep it topical, does the OP win a Godwin's Corollary award?


The "Captain" is a ruse, quite obviously, and he often posts comments in response to "his" own comments. I don't think it is impossible that this person has created another ruse to pose as another commenter, so that he can confer with himself on his own comments.

The fact that the "Captain" is so vulgar, so often, and often posts on completely irrelevant matters (he seems fixated on cars and car sales, traffic tickets, scummy attorneys) and the fact that "VoteTrump" comments, in "response" to Steve's post above:

"A 1970 mustang boss hoss up in the front with 2 blondes that are looking for love, a case of Coors, thise were the days, yes Captain, a hard choice indeed."

One has to wonder. Whether the same person, or two, intent can be inferred from these comments. I've long believed that the "Captain" is engaged in an effort to discredit all the comments on this site.


LoL. One person's evidence of nefarious intent and/or conspiracy looks to another much like a bored (and frustrated) small-law lawyer blowing off a bit of steam as stream-of-consciousness wackiness and what not.

And if one of the things one is frustrated about is 200+ law schools flooding the market with, say, 18,000 more new law grads than there are new law jobs for, why not vent a bit on a law prof `site?

Granted, I don't visit here every week (or even every month) like some do, so I may have missed some of his more egregious comments.

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