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January 20, 2017


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Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

I did not vote for Trump, but I think his nomination of Puzder was a stroke of genius. He purchased a bankrupt fourth rate Hardees hamburger chain and turned it around into a player. It is in many truck stops along the Interstates. He knew who his audience and customer and marketed to them. The facts are that most jobs in America are McJobs: Retail, Cashier and food service. Whether we like it or not, the fastest way to get jobs is through these types of businesses. "Apple" isn't going to open up a tech center in a poor community, but Hardess will open a store and provide 50 immediate jobs..

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

One more thing. If you have ever represented a small scale retail establishment, folks, particularly at the lower end of the educational and SES, take pot shots and file sexual harassment suits as a form of income. They work for a few weeks, quit and file a complaint. Insurance companies settle for around $1500. These are folks who steal from their employer, get terminated then file for Unemployment. It's almost an "industry."

Robert Strassfeld


I assume you would concede that the various instances where DOL found violations of wage and hour laws and alteration of pay records were not instances of frivolous nuisance suits brought by professional parasites. I find it troubling that he has a record of violating the laws he will be tasked with enforcing as well as clearly stated disdain both for those laws and the workers they are intended to protect. Is all to be forgiven because thanks to Puzder we have one more fast food choice in Breezewood, Pa.?

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Breezewod, PA is an interesting location. It is the Grandaddy of tourist/commuter/motorist/professional driver commercial strip and rest areas. It is at the confluence of two heavily travelled major Interstates. No, Breezewood probably does not need another Hardees. However, if you live along I-39 in a struggling, fading small town, a new Hardees is a huge deal. The mayor comes out to cut the ribbon and the community offers tax incentives. It's thousands of dollars of economic stimulus. Normal, Illinois attracted a Portillos, a fancy hot dog stand in the same manner. Every business gets "beefed." One business picked up a labor beef because it didn't give a DEFINED lunch break. The employee took breaks willy nilly and was offered free pizza and actually had more than the MANDATORY 30 minute break.

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