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January 09, 2017


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It is outrageous that the DOE does not require any school using student loans to meet the gainful employment test. Ultimately, either students for taxpayers will bear the cost.


Affiliating is not the same as giving up control. Infilaw could "affiliate" their schools to dodge the rule. License the schools with the name of any local university. They gain some prestige and miss the rule, the local university gets a law school and maybe even some money out of the deal.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

The Sterling Partners should heed the advice of the Honorable Dick Cheney, former President of Black Water, Haliburton the US. When queried about the plight of economically struggling Americans, the duck hunter advised: "They should just sell stuff on Ebay." It will be beautiful, believe me.

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