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December 13, 2016


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Would not enforcement of existing anti discrimination law help here? How many of us have heard, with respect to a new hire, "Just what we need, another middle aged white male Jew." In fact, I've personally heard such discussion and these expressions have reminded of nothing more than Borat. Indeed, that is the level upon which many legal faculty routinely operate.

Second, what is wrong with striking fear into the hearts of the bitter anti-Semites. If anything, what we have "discovered" is, as in Animal Farm, when the oppressed obtain power, they become their oppressors. These folks truly need a good strong dose of their own medicine. It is they that need to go into reeducation about bigotry and prejudice. Let the remedies being with mandatory "sensitivity" training for the offenders!

Third, every element of law school education must be cleansed of the bigotry that has gained predominance and currency of late. Again, too many members (most) of groups who have felt themselves "oppressed" simply lack the empathy and depth to understand that not all members of other races and genders have led the privileged lives that so many of them have had (best schools, preference in hiring and promotions, etc).

It is time to do what we have claimed to be doing all along: Be Fair. That means stop giving a leg up to folks who have enjoyed economic and social privilege and start helping those who better represent folks who have had to overcome obstacles and have achieved nevertheless (if this is the value to be promoted). If the self righteous among us could, at long last, look past their own prejudices, they might begin to understand the human condition a bit better.

ALl in all, however, no bill or law should be aimed so exclusively at the anti Jew hate that is so accepted in legal academia. All hate based on superficial identification- including hatred of white males, for example - must be addressed and eradicated. This would be easier if the "new" boss wasn't so much like the "old" boss.

Just go back and review what it is that you supposedly believe and the values you supposedly uphold and start believing and upholding!

David Schraub

I wish that ACLU letter had the courage of its convictions, because as written the excerpt you quote does more to obscure than illuminate in its swap of from "anti-Semitism" in the first half to "critical of Israel" in the second. The thing is, it would be just as accurate if it was consistent throughout. The below:

"Eliminating truly anti-Semitic conduct should be a goal of our entire society. Indeed, we should all actively involve ourselves in encouraging our brothers and sisters to refrain from anti-Semitic conduct and speech. It is offensive and harmful. But the First Amendment prevents the federal government from using its great weight to impose severe penalties on a person simply for sharing an *anti-Semitic* political viewpoint."

Would be absolutely right. One could fairly say that it doesn't matter if the ASAA does perfectly capture only anti-Israel views which are anti-Semitic, because government cannot use "its great weight to impose severe penalties on person simply for sharing a political viewpoint" (which anti-Semitism is). But by swerving at the last moment to "critical of Israel" language, it both blurs that principled stance and implies that ASAA indiscriminately bars speech simply on the basis of it being "critical of Israel," which it does not.

Here is a link to my thoughts on the bill:

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

The government should be in the business of protecting liberty, promoting democracy here and abroad, maintain security from enemies (environmental and human), build infrastructure, and foster economic development. It should stay away from morals education or favoring one religion over another. It should stay the hell out of religion. That would include abortion, gay marriage, the bedroom and this anti-Semitism thing.

I can take care of myself. I can defend myself. The interwebs are remarkable tools for outing folks like Joy Karega and the others referred to above in the post. This is the best enforcement tool ever devised for getting folks to stop acting like asses. Kind of like the FBI wanted posters at the Post Office.

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