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December 14, 2016


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David Frakt

anon -

To the extent that I have any influence over the ABA, which is not much, I encourage them to enforce their standards rigorously with respect to Golden Gate, Whittier and any other law school that appears to be out of compliance with ABA standards. I'm not sure what else I can say or do.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Hello out there. Can any California shlepper solo attorney tell us if there are any billboards out there advertising $49.00 traffic ticket defense?


Captain, I'm not in the category you asked for but am an avid reader of billboards out here as I creep along in traffic. I can not recall a single attorney billboard of any type out here. Of course it could be that tech has pushed up the cost of billboard advertising as well as housing here and that other than the occasional beer ad, no other industry can afford to use this medium.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Illinois is loaded with legal advertising billboards. So is Detroit. Especially PI, Bankruptcy, SSi Disability and Divorce. Maybe California is underserved and there is a law school gap? The ad rates for billboards are surprisingly affordable in Illinois; well within my Capital One credit limit.



Your efforts are appreciated, and I do not say that sarcastically. I do think that focus on the inefficacy of prior probationary periods is essential, however, and perhaps your cognizance of recent history is now more rounded.

Golden Gate seems to show up on every list at the very bottomest bottom, and nothing seems to get thru to the faculty and administrators there. Will we hear anything but rationalizations from those who, by reason of abysmal bar pass and job placement rates, have truly performed so poorly as law school administrators and educators?

To be sure, Golden Gate is not unique in its institutional failure, but, most folks who rail against certain law schools seem to be oblivious to this particular failed institution's history of ABA involvement.

It is the failure of the ABA's weak and ineffectual prior attempts to remedy such failures that deserves attention now. It isn't just that the ABA is fiddling while students are subjected to failed law schools' attempts to provide a legal education, it is that the ABA, even now, lifts not a finger to do ANYTHING in the face of what you have accurately described above with respect to, e.g., Golden Gate.

It seems to me to be fair to single out a particularly poor performer (as any law school does every day with respect to academic disqualifications) and ask whether the rules are being enforced fairly and evenly, and whether prior enforcement attempts have proved only temporarily fruitful.

Golden Gate may be the school that will tell the tale. If the ABA doesn't act, then action should be taken to divest the regulatory authority of the ABA.

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