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December 20, 2016


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It behooves me to object, vigorously, to this trash letter against one of our finest Southerners. You people truly are out of touch with White Christian America. Your message of intolerance of others' opinions is a manifestation of your deep rooted lack of pride. You folks have been shoveling the propaganda but we have woken up. God Bless Jeff Sessions and God Bless the South.


The comment above appears to be a "false flag."

I have consistently objected to using this blog as a platform for radical political views. It seems some in the legal academy believe that their "scholarship" is sufficient to act as political pundits, peddling a rather situational and shallow form of daily politically correct talking points. THis is not scholarly, any more than the actors on MSNBC are actually engaged in meaningful analysis of the political culture and government institutions of the Unites States.

Instead, we have debased our culture. Law professors who start sounding like the folks they revile are just a pitiful manifestation of the decline and a sorry example to set for their students, many of whom will find their presentations appallingly juvenile.


anon 2:01, of course anon 12:24 is being sarcastic. But your main point is valid. The law professors signing this are representing their left of center world view. No one seriously thinks is neutral viewpoint that criticizes a particular nominee.


I would have no objection to a reasoned discussion of long term trends, forces that move societies, economic systems, political structures and government theory, etc.

That isn't what you get from this bunch.

What you find is that law professors are incredibly shallow. Many, especially here in the FL, dwell on the Democratic talking points of the day, seemingly completely devoid of any sense of the bigger picture. These hapless "pundits" are usually quite moralistic and self righteous, they ridicule everyone who disagrees with their partisan assertions (no matter how invalid or inaccurate) and they are quick to accuse others' character based on "hot button" issues.

Consider, e.g., every Democratic presidential candidate's position on same sex marriage in 2008, and those same candidate's vile accusations of homophobia against those who might take the very same position in 2016. Or most recently, the hysteria about not accepting the results of the election, followed by all these embarrassing and amazingly inept attempts to overturn the results. Whatever "side" you are on, you must see the hypocrisy is ripping the Democratic party apart. To be sure, all political parties engage in dishonest advocacy based on expediency. But, law professors shouldn't.

Professors of law are in a unique position to speak thoughtfully about deeper issues. Instead, they post like they are on "Move On" or MSNBC or the Daily Kos or other like sites: in other words, they propound fleeting worthless posts (that are quickly forgotten because they are so poorly reasoned and inconsequential) that entirely miss the big picture, in a vain attempt to favor just one Party: a Party that, at least on this site, this crew has shown itself to be incapable of analyzing objectively.

As such, these professors are setting a very poor example for their students, who must learn to understand that there is rarely such a one sided version of the truth that is true. There is plenty wrong in America, lot's of injustice and division. All these efforts on the FL seem so designed to just make it worse.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Let's all just simmer down a bit. Nixon was the only one "credible" enough to start normalizing relations with China. He also "established" the EPA. GHW Bush signed the ADA, NAGPRA and stringent diesel engine emissions standards. Air is much cleaner today. I can't remember the last time I sat behind a bus or truck and inhaled terrible fumes. With that being said, there is no case nor controversy....this letter is not justiciable, as we say in the law. Let's give Trump a chance and if it doesn't work out, I will treat everybody to a Thick Burger at Hardees.


With all due respect to you mr anon, why are you personally attacking another viewpoint? You would censor opposition to reflect only your way of thinking? The hallmark of a vigorous democracy is unfettered debate (as long as calls to violence or profanity is not used). It is to Steve's credit he allows open debate and expression of views. As to your comment about T14s "radical views", personally, I concur with what T14 has to say. But regardless, even if they are radical, so what, he or she is entitled to express them in a respectful fashion which he or she did.


these folks just come across as a bunch of partisan hacks


So, in addition to the Captain, we have T14 and T5 (or, perhaps, as another alias)? One bit of likely unintended humor, T5 cites "Steve" as the author of the post.

I guess Lubet really has made his mark.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Many of the posters to this site use screen handles because we are attorneys or have other fiduciary responsibilities and obligations. I enjoy the banter, a good chuckle and contributing to the discussion, especially with VOTETRUMP and Brackets. This is a blog about the legal profession and academia and where they intersect.


Thanks Captain, I have the same feelings about you my liberal buddy. We are all on the same side we just differ on the route. I concur entirely in what you say in your post.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King


Thanks for your kind comments. Happy Holidays to you and Mrs. VoteTrump. We can sit down over Thick Burgers at the Hardees. We have this forum for now. Agree, we are all on the same side...we all want to succeed, driving the biggest damn Cadillac possible. The path to get there is slightly different.


perhaps y'all should focus on teaching fundamentals of law so that your students might pass the bar.

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