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December 24, 2016


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Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Infilaw is owned by the Sterling Partners, an equity group out of Chicago. Check out their website. It takes awhile to download, but it shows a four bro's sitting around discussing their money. What a gig they have. All they had to do was collect federal student loan money aka taxpayer funds. Easy work. Contrast that with a working class lady working the register at the Dollar General. Trump won for a reason. The real problem isn't China, Trade Deals, or Regulations. It's "Sterling Partners" and their leveraged deals and money they borrow against.


You are correct Captain, our corporate rack - a - teers have to a large extent ruined our nation. Big money has become too big. I think it is cyclical and has happened throughout history, ie it is not unique by any means to the U.S. The big money has embedded itself in DC and controls Wall Street, the revolving door offers prosecutors and regulators lucrative post Govt gig employment at offers that cannot be refused. The conflicts of interest are massive. Yes these profiteers are milking the system and abusing it. Spot on Bruder. Now please get some Christmas dinner for Mrs. Captain.


What does this mean for students in the middle of their third year? Will they be eligible for student loan relief if they cannot transfer? What is the school doing for them?

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King


Go ask the four young Bros pictured on the Sterling Partners website sitting around discussing their piles of cash. Text or leave a message with their Administrative Assistance. They will get back to you. As a valued customer, your call is very important to them. They will do right by you. Believe me. I will be beautiful.


Thank you, David, for continuing to speak out and chronicling the trend. Voices can cry out in the wilderness all day long, but ultimately it is incumbent on the listeners to actually pay attention.

Now that DOE is involved, I wonder if the current lawsuits for fraud and misrepresentation will get an actual hearing on the merits, as opposed to the prior round of anti-law school suits...eventually, the truth gets out one way or the other.

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