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December 22, 2016


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Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

The problem with voting against "bad" legislation like this, is that in an election, an opportunistic opponent can over simplify, mischaracterize and paint one as an ANTI-SEMITE. We saw the same behavior in one local election for State Rep when a criminal defense lawyer ran and was painted as a supporter of rape, child abuse and murder. Good thing she lost. Even our Supreme Leader painted HRC as a supporter of child rape by reaching back to a case that she was appointed counsel on. Unfortunately, he won on a technicality.


Hilarious that this website hasn't put up a story about the Department of Education's denial of funding to the Charlotte School of Law. Nervous much?



Charlotte has been mentioned in the comments, especially in the posts by David Frakt, who seems to be the only one on this site actually interested in the problems facing legal education. The DOE has been mentioned in the comments for years (in the comments). Few on the FL seem to have any interest in the subject.

Part of this is because the commenters who regularly defended the law school enterprise, no matter what its faults, have largely retreated. There are few voices defending it, and the FL regulars aren't exactly a group that would seem to favor standards that might put their fellows out of work. Collegiality reigns supreme, as does the group think of the political partisans in legal academia.

THey can't conceive of the harm they do to "ordinary" people, even people who belong to the groups that they supposedly pander to.

Ralph Clifford posts occasionally for the notion that we should ignore the existing ABA standards on admission and bar pass (or, replace them with standards that allow open admissions without regard to success in actually becoming an attorney), but his arguments are so illogical and poorly supported that it would be hard to characterize them as a major voice defending the law school enterprise writ large. Rather, these posts seem to be just self interested.

No doubt, Steve will delete this comment, as it is admittedly off topic and critical of one of the FL posters' posts. But, as long at the Charlotte comment remains, I suppose it is in the ballpark of relevance to this thread.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

This is the Holiday Season. Like the courthouses I haunt, many of the judges and lawyers have taken time off. That is probably true for this blog and its bloggers. I am certain that somebody will open a thread about Charlotte. No legitimate prof, dean or school wants to cover up a fraudulent institution owned by a private equity group, Sterling Partners, out of Chicago.

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