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November 21, 2016


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Scott Fruehwald

This has been an excellent series. I would like to add that it has been proven effective. FIU had the highest bar pass rate for first-time takers on this year's Florida bar exam. Considering the competition, this is a remarkable achievement. The key is that Professor Schulze based his approach on established educational research. Method: Read proven general educational research; adopt it to legal education. If all law schools did this, they would 1) improve the bar passage rate, turn out more effective lawyers, and 3)help minorities succeed in the legal profession. It really isn't that hard.

Louis Schulze

Scott, thanks for your kind words. Each of the groups of FIU Law students who achieved the high bar passage rate in Florida (July 2015, February 2016, and July 2016) experienced the EdPsych concepts we adopted. The first group, July 2015, had some of it; the second group, February 2016, had a bit more; and the third group, July 2016, had still more.

Given all that, we are hopeful that the EdPsych aspects have been helpful. However, the credit is always due to our hard-working students, whose dedication and drive continue to astound me.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

One of my best law school educational experiences came from a professor who had issues with alcohol and a pending divorce. He started class late, never really taught the material, was completely disengaged and would ramble on and on about his soon to be EX. I had to learn the material on my own and step up to the plate. How did that assist my practice down the road? I can share several instances when judges and prosecutors who, for various reasons were either at best, jaded or worst, uncaring about a drug addicted client with a long sheet. As an advocate, I was the one who stepped up to the plate... It's a sink or swim world. No need to coddle adult law students.

Scott Fruehwald


You need to read these posts more carefully. There is no coddling here. Professor Schulze is trying to create self-directed learners.

Rob T.

"Captain" is just a troll. Simply ignore him, or, better yet, moderate and delete his worthless comments.

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