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October 31, 2016


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Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King


SJW as a benchmark?

"Social justice" as a benchmark to get hired. It really is time for Trump. This PC has gone too far. So someone who graduated VIRGINIA with multiple publications in T14 journals on corporate law and Const law issues and is a former AUSA who clerked on the 3rd Circuit will be bypassed by someone who published a one sided SJW manifesto in "the journal of law and oppression" published in some 3rd world developing nation's law school or an article advocating compensation for pet cats who get insulted by white men of "power" in the journal of feline rights. Maybe an article titled "why are there not more women spanki g men in adult movies, what we can do about it" published in the journal of adult films should suffice. Really, kidding aside shouldnt the quals be a bit more rigiroys than SJ warrior?


What a lot of gobblie gook in that announcement. Newark,is a dangerous dump. Trillions of dollars have been poured into it over the years and nothing can turn it around. I doubt these soon to be hired profs will contribute anything toward changing that situation.

T14 journals my ass

"SJW as a benchmark": You're not bypassed because you don't care about saocial justice. In your case, it's because you write like a high school sophomore,

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King


Look at it Talmudicaly. If one life is changed, you change a WORLD. Perhaps you need to view it this way: What kind of "dump" (your words), would Newark look like without ANY investment. Camden? I have never been to Newark, but Camden was a hoot. Saw my "clients" standing in a line stretching around the block on a freezing cold day waiting to see their PO. At least, even with our budgetary problems in Illinois, probationaires can wait in drab unpainted HEATED room adorned with gang signed plastic chairs and walls with cardboard signs duct taped to the wall instructing them where to give a urine sample and to don appropriate clothing.


"it's because you write like a high school sophomore"

I dunno, I found the creation of new words like "rigiroys" to be kind of fun and elevated at the same time. Sort of "high-fluting", if you will.

Even if to some it might seem no more than "gobblie gook".

SJW as a benchmark?

"Saocial justice" your words, not mine, Miss T14. Not all of us writing from devices spell check as you do.
If you have something substantive to add or to negate what I posted, please by all means, do so. Until then, my points stand.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

I don't know why you fellers are so hard on "Social Justice." This is exactly the antidote we need for our brave new Trumpian Vape Nation Order.

SJW as a benchmark?

Captain, I hope you will re-consider your vote (I think you will be voting for HRC.) I do not think people who obstruct justice or destroy evidence should be elected.
And besides, Trump has been at war with the IRS for years, he will likely de-fund them. You cannot get more patriotic than de-funding the IRS. I hope you will join us and vote for DJT.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

SJW as a benchmark?:

How did you know I early voted for HRC? Did you hack my Diabold ACCU Vote machine?

Wishing, hoping, praying is not evidence. Do you erase emails? Who saves them? To certain generations, where IBM Selectrics were de rigor, this electronic stuff has a certain feel of unreality or "bullshit." It's not like a document, a report a telephone call or a personal visit. It's electronic. When Enron and Arthur Anderson Accounting shredded documents, that's clearly obstruction. Hillary can't say that because Miilenials won't vote for her. "out of touch"

If the IRS is defunded, I hope you don't live in a tornado prone area.

SJW as a benchmark?

I think if you read the entirety of the record, the evidence for not voting for Hillary Clinton is overwhelming. See example

As to the IRS and funding of disaster areas, you are wrong for 2 reasons:

1. You are bright enough to know there is no connection as individuals pay a huge share while big corporations are able to "marry" with a foreign mail order company and "re-locate" to a low or no tax jurisdiction. Of course they did not in fact really locate - their offices, factories, business, remains USA based. It is a legal but sham marriage. So they pay little of their earnings because they are domiciled in (fill in the tax haven) while us suckers pay 30, 40 or even 50 percent depending on bracket and state. That is fair, right. Let Trump de-fund them.

2, The FED creates money out of nowhere and simply adds it to its balance sheet which now stands in the stratosphere. See eg AIG and CITI bailouts. "How much do you need...$100 Billion...? No problem, we will credit your accounts with $100 Billion. IRS has no connection to it. Let Trump de-fund them.

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