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October 03, 2016


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"If Florida Coastal could have come up with any way to keep admitting droves of students with extremely low LSAT scores students without fear of losing their accreditation, there is no doubt they would have done so."

Yes, indeed, it appears that the only reason the standard may change here and there is that certain law schools may anticipate that perhaps, maybe, there is chance that THE REGULATORS WILL REGULATE.

There are plenty of examples of action taken with respect to diploma mills that ripped off unsuspecting loan conduits in the past. The reason no action whatsoever has been taken in any way that has affected existing, accredited law schools is politics, not ethics. In fact, it is unethical to ignore the obvious harm the bottom feeders are causing (and some others, who dupe unsuspecting applicants with false promises).

No federal loan program should be permitted with respect to substandard, failing institutions. Too many get hurt if no action is taken to put a stop to it. If the ABA won't withdraw accreditation, then the federal agencies charged with enforcement must take action.

David, you have correctly noted the rant hypocrisy of those who use, as conduits to milk every last federal loan dollar, folks who are underprepared and admitted to only low status, poor reputation, bottom feeding, buck raking law schools, with shockingly low bar pass and placement rates.

For these obviously biased operators to claim, in their own naked self interest, that nearly every measure used to evaluate admission to law school and the bar, i.e, the LSAT, UGPA, Bar, is invalid, solely to excuse their quite apparent failures, and then claim that any attempt to address their deceptive and disgusting arguments must be motivated by racism, is beyond belief.

Have these people no shame?


So minority students are dumb. Is that what the Dean is saying in his letter? Shameful.


If Florida Coastal makes its median LSAT 150, will it even have enough students to have a law school? Does it currently have any students with an LSAT over 150?

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Everybody in the legal profession knows why one would attend these unranked high school law programs. It's the same reason that compels one to purchase a Yugo, Aveo or a Mitsubishi Mirage.

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