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September 08, 2016


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Dr. Knows

Maybe it's not unethical but it's unwise for the reason that it would be foolish to pay blood doners: those who would likely donate aren't the people we want donating blood since are ELISA tests are far from perfect.

Kim Krawiec

Thanks for the comment, Dr., but your conjectures are not supported by the empirical evidence. See, e.g.
Granted, more research is needed. But that is precisely why the HHS proposed rule is a bad idea. Current policies against paying donors impede research on the topic, resulting in speculation about crowding out, safety, and other issues based on little or no evidence.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

We are already sliding down that ethical slippery slope. Our hyper Reaganesque free MARKET economy gave us all license to rip each other off in the name of profits. It has reached the point where life saving treatments from everything to cancer drugs to Eppi Pens are only sold to the top bidder. So what if some poor schmo wants to sell his organs or marrow to make a few bucks?

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