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September 10, 2016


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Jason Mazzone

I believe that is Walker's Cafe (later known as Strong's Restaurant) in Selma, AL. James Reeb was attacked nearby on March 9, 1965.

Steve L.

Selma; Rev. James Reeb; but I don't know the name of the café.

Steve L.

Oh, I see that Jason beat me to it, and with more information.

Viola Liuzzo, another Unitarian civil rights worker, was murdered near Selma two weeks later.

Al Brophy

For sure. You all are all over this. One thing that I thought I wanted to do was also take a picture of where Reverend Reeb was attacked. It was outside a cafe that seems t have been a hangout of the anti-civil rights crowd. Turns out that was on.y about half a block down Washington Street. That puts into context how Jim Crow functioned, it also puts into context the story that I've heard over the years that Reverend Reeb was lost or ventured into the wrong part of town.

Anyway, nicely done gentlemen.

And with this, I'll say I'm on my way back to Chapel Hill! Looking forward to coding and analyzing the wills I scooped up in Selma yesterday. I already know that there are some awesome stories in them, including one about a couple of men who were killed in a fight over a slave who was accused of arson.... And of course there's a cemetery monument to go along with this story.

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