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August 29, 2016


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Ten years ago the UK Parliamentary Group on Scientific Research into ME (the Gibson Enquiry) [1] called for a proper investigation of the many well-documented conflicts of interest involving the PACE trial investigators:

"CFS/ME is defined as a psychosocial illness by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and medical insurance companies. Therefore claimants are not entitled to the higher level of benefit payments. We recognise that if CFS/ME remains as one illness and/or both remain defined as psychosocial then it would be in the financial interest of both the DWP and the medical insurance companies."

"[There are] numerous cases where advisors to the DWP have also had consultancy roles in medical insurance companies. Particularly the Company UNUMProvident. Given the vested interest private medical insurance companies have in ensuring CFS/ME remain classified as a psychosocial illness there is blatant conflict of interest here." [2]

Patients and their families have been demonstrably harmed by this fraudulent research. The suffering continues, and many patients have taken their own lives when they become unable to further tolerate harmful treatments by doctors, denial of access to proper financial support, lack of medical care, and lack of social support. Numerous pharmaceutical companies have been slapped hard for far less.

My question to the legal profession is simple: when will you step up to help us obtain justice?


Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

My torts professor told us that MD stands for medical deity. Even though I am struggling financially due to the glut of lawyers, I am proud to be a tiny part of a great profession that has made the world a safer, better place. The US and its Constitutional protections were started by a bunch of lawyers that hot summer in Philadelphia. A lawyer held the Nation together in 1865. Lawyers and judges pushed and shoved our country, kicking and screaming, toward its goal of equality. A Lawyer gave us safer cars. Lawyers turn scientific findings into environmental protections. The list goes on and on. Where are the medical doctors? The AMA? Gun violence. Silence. Lack of affordable health care and $600 dollar Eppi Pens? Silence. (It was a lawyer, by the way, that gave us the Affordable Care Act and his wife, another lawyer that improved our nutritional standards) Planetary climate stress? Silence. I guess this post is par for the course.

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