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July 22, 2016


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Small forgettable city in the deep South that shares a name with a large unforgettable city in Europe?

Al Brophy

Very nicely done, RH. Quite poetic answer. You get bonus points for that.

Though from the vantage of one who lives in NC, I'm not sure I'd say the state where this is is "deep south" -- culturally deep south, yes. But not Alabama, which also has a city by this name.


Paris, Texas?

Al Brophy

There's no Paris, Alabama that I know of.

Howard Katz

An excellent puzzler, Al, as there are not a yuuge number of brutalist courthouses around. And not many in a southern city that shares the name of a Tuscany city, let alone a city with what was a once-common female first name.
The famous brutalist Breuer did the Strom Thurmond courthouse in the same state. As best I can tell, the one you picture was not done by a famous architect (and certainly wasn't done by Breuer).

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