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June 22, 2016


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Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

The fact that you post like this over and over and over and over implies a legal education in problematic. A law school education should speak for itself. Show it, don't say it. It's like Nixon saying that "Your President is not a crook."


Carswell is an impostor and a fraud. He should be banned.


Isn't the "fraud" category subsumed by "impostor"? Isn't that just redundant?

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

They will never ban me. I add crass, I mean class to this Blog.


I think twbb is correct: imposter seems synonymous when one says "a" fraud, as compared with "committing a fraud." Of course, it seems that one could be an imposter, and independently commit a fraud.

On a website, though, it's hard to see how one could commit a fraud by posting anonymously (even posing as a fictional character) as there would appear to be no detrimental reliance. Sort of like the law school demurrers, in a twisted sort of way.

It is possible to impersonate, but this commenter is "impersonating" a fictional character. So, there's that. No legal issue there, it would seem.

And, hasn't it been recently held that violating terms of use rules does NOT constitute fraud?

So, I can't see that this annoying person, whose purpose seems to be malign practitioners and undermine the commenting feature of this website, can be legitimately accused of being an "imposter and a fraud." Sorry.

And, I wouldn't "ban" anyone until and unless this site develops a comment policy, which is overdue, of course.

Unfortunately, the defenders of the law school status quo have all stamped their feet in anger, and run away. Thus, the comment threads are now either almost non existent, or really really boring.

Lubet sometimes provides some comic relief, when he re-reports some MSNBC story of the day that seems to him to be devastating to some Republican.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Wow, I am delighted!!! You anon folks placed ME in the same post as Professor Lubet. I go from a schlepper three bill retail theft lawyer to an Elite Leading Superlawyer just by association. I can now bill 2K an hour just like the Heavy Hitters in New York. I'll be able to put Mrs. Carswell into that 2011 Camry she has her eye on. Take my kid to the Dells.


Is reposting the same post simply to confound the Captain?


Speaking of law schools, I'm surprised there hasn't been a post on the recent Department of Education panel recommendation that the ABA be stripped of its authority to accredit new law schools for a year. While I'm not sure the practical effect -- there are only a few provisionally-accredited schools angling for full accreditation -- it certainly is humiliating for the ABA.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King


Excellent post. The ABA is nothing more than a trade group no different than the National Automobile Dealers Association, National Retail Federation or American Trucking Association and on and on. What does the ABA do? Organize a trade show and convention where you can pick up stress balls and candy from West? One good thing GW Bush did was "de-authorize" the ABA from having veto power or influence on Supreme Court nominees.

anon law prof at top 50ish school (for now)

I, too, would like to hear more about the Department of Ed's actions. How will the ABA respond? Are they going to start scrutinizing bar pass rates more? If they lose their power to accredit, who will step in to replace them? Are there any schools still seeking accreditation?

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

anon law prof at top 50ish school for now:

Yes, there are several schools. Indiana Tech Law School, Belmont University, Lincoln something or other. Go to the Tax Prof. Blog, "scam bloggers: like Third Tier Reality, Law School Truth Center, Outside the Law School Scam, Law School Lemmings---all profile the Law Schools seeking accreditation. There are several schools in the pipeline for accreditation. To paraphrase the Flintstones vitamins commercial, us lawyers are 1.8 million strong and growing.

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