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June 05, 2016


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Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Sacking US Attorneys and lying about it is good. Torture is better. Defending Trump, priceless. Karl Rove approves.

terry malloy

I'm troubled by trump's attack on the judiciary and straight-up racism from a slightly different vector:

Europe has an inclusive society in law, but not in fact (see the ghettoization of immigrant communities). Reasonable people can differ on the causes of large un-integrated populations within Europe's states, but I don't know who would argue that such division is a good thing for the heath of those states.

The united states, on the other hand, has a dismal past of inclusivity by law, but in-fact, at least since the civil rights movement, there is a general cultural understanding that america is a place where your heritage ought not prevent you from integrating into american civic life. To the extent that general cultural understanding becomes untrue, I'm concerned that there is less and less about this country worth defending (Yosemite? . . . Krispy Kreme?).

from the wire:
McNulty: I gotta ask ya: If every time Snotboogie would grab the money and run away, why'd you even let him in the game?

Man On Stoop: What?

McNulty: If Snotboogie always stole the money, why'd you let him play?

Man On Stoop: Got to. This America, man.


Europe is a dismal failure on a historical basis of multicultarism. See examples of genocide and death for a thousand years against various minority groups. Anyway, the USA never engaged in ethnic cleansing which is the national sport of europe. I'll take Trump and his way with words to the various groups he targets with the perspective that Americans may insult others but they dont have a history of killing either.
Europe has no right to preach about inclusive type and the European continent is soaked with the blood of civilians. Guilty as charged.
As to the last comment, yes making money is the American National sport. Guilty as charged.


Trump4Prez, as for ethnic cleansing in the United States let me mention a population that preceded Europeans on this continent. As for something in between ethnic cleansing and insulting let me mention slavery. "Nuff Said.

terry malloy

"I'll take Trump and his way with words to the various groups he targets with the perspective that Americans may insult others but they dont have a history of killing either."

Three things:
1. what Jeff Said.
2. the potential president and head of the executive branch criticizing the impartiality of a judge, and by extension the judiciary over a personal civil matter based on his ethnicity. Just let that soak in a few minutes. Have you read the constitution and the federalist papers? This is the demagogue the founders had in mind when they created checks and balances.
3. Don't have a history of killing each other *yet*.


Jeff, slavery was not mass murder. It was an accepted way of doing business althoufh from our perspective abhorent. But it was not anything even close to shooting unarmed civilians or genocide.
As to natives, it is my understanding that Australia's treatment of theirs was genocidal while ours was very bad it did not rise to anything close to ethnic cleansing.
Terry, I hear what you are saying but I do not really agree. Is he a demeagogue...maybe a bit...but we desperately need someone who can whip the nation into place. As a 2 time Obama voter I confess I am voting for Trump.


I cannot *believe* I even have to do this and have no illusions that it will pierce the depths of "trump4prez's" ignorance, but just for the record since the Internet is forever:

(And that's just off the top of my head).


I posted a comment that likely got caught by the spam filter due to linkage... I'd appreciate it being posted.

terry malloy

"desperately need someone who can whip the nation into place"

Your lust for an Authoritarian figure is transparent.

Sigh. This is how the republic ends? A reality TV star with a 5th grade vocabulary. At least Rome was turned to empire by Caesar. What a shame.


My friends, we have passed the rubicon. Corrupt (pervasively) government, national bankruptcy, an overstretched volunteer military that is exhausted, barbarians at the gate (isis in europe, refugees in europe, illegal immigrants at home), a failing infrastructure, educational system that is way too PC, yes, we need a dictator.


By any definition of ethnic cleansing,Native Americans were forced to relocate from their homelands to other locations. That, Trump4Prez is the very definition of ethnic cleansing. That such people were singled out for murdeous treatment (look at the death rates during these forceable relocations) that begins to look and sound like genocide. You may choose not to define it as anything beyond abhorrent but in my classes on ethnic cleansing and genocide this period fits the bill. As for slavery it is you who raised the question of mass murder, my comment was that it resided somewhere between murder and insulting behavior. But now that you have opened that box let me point out that there was a significant death rate during the middle passage. I was referring to the institution of slavery in the South which after the end of the slave trade had to reproduce their slaves as the supply dried up but during the slave trade the death rate was more than abhorrent and since the slaves were viewed as property not humans the issue of murder did not play into it -- then. It does now.


The ones who are havng so much fun bashing Trump don't realize how much they sound like the ones bashing the Democrats (on different grounds, but for the same reasons).

We live in a polarized society. Lubet is just a tool of forces he apparently doesn't understand. He just mindlessly follows the news, and jumps on whatever anti Trump, anti republican talking point of the day he can find (usually seasoning his partisan attacks with a little law to make his rank partisanship seem less unseemly).

This is just MSNBC on the Faculty Lounge website. Why not just declare this site a political advocacy website and be honest about it?

I don't support Trump. I'm interested in the forces at work in this society that have led us to this juncture.

Is there no one in academia with an inch of depth when thinking about these issues, or is everyone just a partisan hack with no critical skills whatsoever? (Lubet never seems to apply his supposedly acute analytical skills to Democrats and I have never read in these pages anything he has written that even approaches a macro analysis of the American political system and its deficiencies.)

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