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June 23, 2016


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This is Summit Terrace--599 Summit Ave in St. Paul, Minnesota. F. Scott Fitzgerald lived there when he wrote/rewrote This Side of Paradise.

Al Brophy

Cm, you are as always corrrct. That was fast! Very nicely done. Also, Brent Staples answered this on twitter.

There're several Fitzgerald houses, all within a few blocks of each other up on/near Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Dan Capra (Fordham Law) gave me the NY Times' article, which guided me all over St. Paul. There are five houses, I think, and an apartment building where Fitzgerald lived. A bunch of people writing about this say that the Fitzgeralds lived in modest homes -- and while it's true that the houses aren't as grand as some of the mansions around there, they look pretty darn nice to me. This is another instance in which interpretation turns on perspective -- and it may also put into perspective how Fitzgerald was able to get himself to Princeton but still feel in important ways not a part of the culture.

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