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April 01, 2016


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

The adjective "free" strikes me as ideologically loaded (or even merely redundant) in the sense that it suggests something like laissez-faire capitalism is the ideal, norm, or what actually exists, none of which should be, or is, true. So, why not--as in the subtitle of (other) books on this subject by Debra Satz and Michael J. Sandel--simply "The Moral Limits of Markets"?

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Anything that is extracted from Earth is God's bounty. How can anybody be allowed to profit from that?

Enrique Guerra-Pujol

I wish this event weren't on a Monday so I could attend ... In any case, will it be live-streamed or will a podcast or video be made available?

Kim Krawiec

I'm not sure Enrique, but if there is a recording or podcast of some sort I'll post a link to it here after the event.

Patrick, my definition of "free market" is the same as yours -- free from regulation or government oversight. I'm not sure why the organizers chose it, but I suspect they either didn't think through it, or didn't intend the term in that way. No one on the panel is defending taboo markets against regulation. Even Jason, who is set up to be the market advocate here, is arguing that objections to the evil effects of markets can be addressed through regulation. At least that is the argument in the book -- he may also favor less regulation than others would, or even no regulation, if he had his way, I really don't know. But that's tangential to the point of the debate, which is whether these markets should exist at all.

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