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March 15, 2016


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Before this thread gets overrun, let's be clear that while still incomplete, law schools have made significant changes in response to the underlying drop in applicants. Transparency has increased, tuition has been rebalanced to give opportunity to those who may need or warrant it, law schools now seek out faculty with strong backgrounds in legal practice/government, and there is significantly greater appreciation of (the obvious but sometimes forgotten) proposition that students come to law school to achieve fulfilling and enduring careers, not just for the sake of attending law school. Yes, changes and reform continue but many, many beneficial changes have occurred.



Your cheery posts are about as believable as the Captain's.

Both of you seem to be preposterous shills, one who appears to this reader to be a law prof trying to humiliate practitioners. The other strikes me as a prof who just a few years ago was a reactionary defender of the status quo who objected in vile and over the top terms to anyone who dared to advocate precisely the reforms he now lauds, and now, sensing his failure, attempts to deflect all further such efforts by declaring "mission accomplished." Of course, this "anon" might be sincere. But the comment reads as a posture.

Many of the comments on this site, especially with respect to law school enrollment, have become so impossibly insincere and manipulative that the comments are practically worthless. Of course, brackets and JoJo and PaulB and a few others will have another round of another round, and they are not insincere, just becoming incredibly boring.

What we need are some of the old reactionaries to come back in and start citing S&M for the proposition that a law degree will produce a MILLION DOLLARS, the admission directors to proclaim "ENROLL TODAY!," and the good old profs who hurled the most egregious insults and profanities at law school critics, willing to resort to the most unbelievably despicable depths whenever someone dared to criticize their often outlandish rubbish.

Now that was interesting!


I'll try not to be boring.

anon number 1. The changes we see are unquestionably good, but they were fought tooth and nail along the way.

anon number 2. the reactionary defenders are more quiet because they see the writing on the wall and they're not blind. You can't fight the trend. I am glad things have stabilized in terms of apps. Too many continue to enroll, but only 5 to 10 thousand too many per year now. If quality had been preserved, the crisis would have solved itself. Unlimited student loans with limited moral introspection lead to the current situation.


anon | March 16, 2016 at 02:00 AM:

And the employment numbers at most law schools remain deplorable. What else matters?


anon 2am: "tuition has been rebalanced to give opportunity to those who may need or warrant it" - What does this mean? Student debt remains out of control and the price of tuition at the vast majority of law schools has continued to increase to levels that bear no resemblance to the economic value most students receive from the education. Also, schools have done nothing to change the "reverse robin hood system" where students with the least amount of post-graduate opportunities are subsidizing the educations of those with the most opportunities, through "scholarships." There's also the growing predatory practice of admitting students who do not have the aptitude to succeed in the legal profession, in order to collect their student loans. Any "significant changes" are merely window dressing, while these deplorable practices continue.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

I have returned to my adoring fans on this blog. Anon, you contend that I am a professor plant sent to embarrass practitioners? That ship sailed long before I hit this blog....Have you ever watched daytime television? The endless Texas Walker Ranger reruns on WGN? Tons of commercials from attorneys trolling for clients. Especially the guy with the cowboy hat and the SSI Disability pitch. What a disgrace. Anyway, I have good news! My school went up 10 places in rankings according to USNWR. That means big coin for my practice. I have to go now to my local Hyundai dealer and order my new Special Edition Excel with a vinyl roof and opera windows.


Anon @2:00. Please cite some examples of schools that have hired practitioners on tenure track. Concur with others that your breathless statement are over the top. Really not that much has changed in legal Ed and what changes have been made were resisted by many.

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