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February 15, 2016


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I can't believe this blog hasn't posted anything about Scalia -- that's probably the biggest legal news story in a long time.


Some great things are happening at Texas A&M Law to increase emphasis on veteran benefits work. Though I am not sure if there will be a shift toward a related journal—it's certainly a possibility. See link:$108-000-grant-hosts-veterans-week-events


Thanks for this JessicaRL; looks really exciting. We are going to be reaching out to every program at all the law schools to chat about current initiatives to record and then put together a set of 'best practices' / 'exciting innovations' in the coming 1-2 months - would be great to talk with you or someone at Texas A&M Law. Thanks for the message. Warm wishes, john

James Ridgawy

It looks like a good start, but it is definitely missing many items. I've been teaching a substantive class on Veterans Law at George Washington for years that isn't listed. I also know that one is taught at Iowa as they used a draft copy of my Veterans Law: Cases and Theory textbook last year. I also know that Denver Sturm is starting a veterans law class as well because they also contacted me about using the book. I'm not sure if it was taught last year or just upcoming. Also, the number of clinical programs sounds lower than what I found when I did the research for my book proposal. I'd be happy to share that spreadsheet if you are interested. It's dated now, but it may fill in some holes.

Overall, I think this is a great project. I'd love to see it hosted somewhere where it was easier to access. Have you reached out to the folks that ran the veterans law clinic conference in D.C. last year?


just a suggestion, but is that the type of specialty course that should be taught online and across law schools? i'd imagine that there are plenty of interested students nationwide but typically not enough in each school to warrant the school expending the resources for an excellent course taught each year. (i could be wrong about that.) there must be a couple dozen speciality courses that fall into that category.

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