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January 17, 2016


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Captian Hurska Carswell, Continuance King

Police sometimes are called to maternity wards under several circumstances; When a parent becomes combative and there is an altercation with a hospital social worker. 2. When Child Protective Services investigates and a parent becomes combative. 3. When a child presents to medical personnel or a Child Protective Team, with signs of abuse or neglect or other trauma. Under those circumstances police will probably "run" people. In twenty five years of practice, I have never observed what was described above. They key is that police are CALLED first.


Even a very sympathetic Jesse Singal's "fact-checking" contains stories from Goffman's informants that contradict Goffman's claim about the practice of police and hospitals. He says the story about the maternity ward arrest was due to "very serious crime," which probably suggests that it was a product of active police investigation, not routine check against warrants.

"Josh, meanwhile, said that he and his friends did fear getting arrested at hospitals, and remembered a couple of instances in which this had happened — they were scared to enter the hospital after Chuck’s death, for example, because of a law-enforcement presence there. But Josh also said that the police were, at the time, very interested in the boys of 6th Street; of a friend who, according to him, got arrested visiting his girlfriend in a maternity ward, he said, “Now, mind you, his arrest was for some crimes that were very serious, so take that into consideration.”"


Not a big deal that OTR is required reading in undergraduate classes. Margaret Mead's The Coming of Age in Samoa was a widely read book when I was an undergrad. That book has long since been discredited. However, unlike Prof. Goffmann, no one claimed she manufactured major parts of her book.


Now the New York Times Magazine is in on the conspiracy? It might be time to give it a rest. And citing a dictionary to take the NYT to task, really? Obviously, I can just not read the posts but you are surely giving fuel to those who believe you are just on a vendetta.

Steve L.

How do you define "corroborating"?

Captian Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

Paul B:

Me: Your honor, I fabricated the facts in my lawsuit because I need a payday. A soft tissue, low speed rear ender is not worth much, so I had a doc falsify X-rays and reports to show that my client had multiple fractures.....

Court: I appreciate that, Counsel. Attorney Heavy Hitter in 1973 did the same and he was admired back then. Not a big deal.....

Come on, you were just joking, weren't you?

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

This is serious stuff. I recall somebody writing an academic book on the history of guns a few years back that received the same scrutiny. If I recall correctly, he used non-existent legal sources and records to support his claims? Does anybody recall what if anything happened?


I assume you're referring to this:

Robert Baker

Regarding Michael Bellesiles, _Arming America_, Emory University ran a formal investigation about the claim that he had falsified evidence. The History Department at Emory asked for outside review, and a panel of distinguished historians, prominent in the field but not connected to Bellesiles's work, looked into the allegations. When that panel concluded that the scholarship had significant problems and that he had been less-than-honest about the records he consulted and the data he amassed. He was placed on leave, and he subsequently resigned his position.

It is, of course, a travesty that a book with so many scholarly problems was published, awarded the profession's greatest prize, and celebrated by reviewers before being brought down. But I think the problem with this affair is that the sociological profession has not laid down clear rules about connecting ethnography to truth. That is a problem within the discipline, and a serious one.

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