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January 22, 2016


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ONe is not sure how George Bush's words mean that discussion of reparations is "not going away." If reparations are on the table, let's start with reparations for current wrongs.

Can we agree that reparations should be paid whenever, in the here and now, any group, acting in unison, violently deprives, without legal right, another discrete group of persons of life, liberty or property?

If so, should these reparations be paid by the individuals who participated in the group wrongdoing, or by other individuals who were far away from and not involved in any way in the wrongdoing?

Finally, suppose that the wrongdoers, collectively, lack the resources to pay just reparations and that the tort and criminal law systems cannot handle the problem. How should individuals be called to account, financially, for collective law breaking in which they participated that illegally deprived others of life, liberty or property?

Al, would your answer ever be: "They shouldn't pay a dime, or suffer any other consequence, if I think they had a good reason to break the law"?

Enrique Guerra-Pujol

How about "reparations" for Native Americans?


Reparation means to restore.

Lincoln proposed a means to "restore" the persons wronged by slavery.

What was Lincoln's notion of "reparations"?


Should we tear down the Lincoln Memorial?

More importantly, what of the slavery in the world today?

Who is engaged in the practice of enslavement today? What about "reparations" for the injustice of the slave trade that thrives today? Who has condemned those who practice it?

Has anyone taken Bernie Sanders to task for not addressing this issue?

Finally, I am wondering this: when it comes time to dole out the money, should all people living in poverty today get the money? Or, will "reparations" be paid without regard to poverty, based on race? If the latter, how will the racial purity tests be administered? By whom?


"This makes me wonder if once Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination and he decides to run to the left of Hilary Clinton (because, hey, why not -- he wants to be president -- and consistency isn't an issue for Trump), will he come out in favor of reparations?"


While standing in a group with Antonin 'Honest, God-Fearing Man' Scalia, John 'I support the 14th Amendment' Roberts, Clarence 'Not an Uncle Tom' Thomas, and others who don't exist.

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