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January 05, 2016


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Sy Ablelman

Pull open any Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazine from the 50s and 60s. One will notice advertisements from Blackstone College of Law and La Salle Extension University sandwiched among the bulldozer operator and carpet cleaning business ads. These correspondence or distance learning law programs proclaim, "Be a Law Trained Man" by reading the law a few hours a week. They picture a man propped up against a giant Oldsmobile with his beaming wife and two children placed in front of a brick suburban style ranch home. Today, many law schools' marketing schemes are uncannily similar. They project that same image and make many claims. "Opportunities are endless.." Look at your school's website and look at your admission standards. I suggest we turn the clock back to when I attended law school...('80s). I got wait listed at one school and I had a 3.45 GPA and was an Honors graduate. We need to go back to the One L Professor Kingsfield "model" where law school is inspirational and aspirational and you needed exceptional credentials. The Rule of Law is that important.



Enough! Your comment has nothing to do with the post, which is to announce a gathering to honor someone.

Have some respect and decency.

Sy Ablelman

This isn't Wheaton College or for that matter the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. They got dinged for $600,000 for shutting down a professor because of his Twitter feed. And I am not vulgar! From what I read, this is a post that announces a Happy Hour. Can you point to the language that mentions an Honorary Event?

James Grimmelmann

Sy, everyone here knows that the "Markel" in "MarkelFest" is Dan Markel, who was horribly murdered in 2014. Everyone but you. Show a little courtesy and spend 30 seconds Googling before barging in. There may be some threads that are appropriate for your brand of kibitzing - in fact, I think Dan would have gotten a kick going back and forth with you -- but not this one, not in this way.


"Sy" it is a futile effort, apparently.

Who was Dan Markel, and what does your first comment have to do with anything posted by Dan Filler?

Your comment, in context, was vulgar.

Sy Ablelman

Well, I would be happy to be educated! Educate me. It's relevant because it is the American Association of Law Schools, a professional trade group that needs to hear what is out there.

Michelle Meyer

Google Danny Markel and then, please, stop.



For once, we agree. However, it must be noted that "Sy" isn't real. "Sy" is a person playing a role in the FL; I believe that role to be to humiliate practitioners and discredit commenters on these threads.

His post on this thread was like those people who protest at funerals: disgusting and vile.

But, I just don't think that, from now on, anyone should respond to "Sy."

I say this knowing full well that sometimes others have said this about my comments. I hope that if there is anything positive about "Sy" it is to illustrate how actually mild most of the comments have been that have engendered such vehement reactions by some profs on this site.


The practitioners who post at this blog don't do the reputation of practitioners any favors.

Prof. Al Smith

I have read Sy's comments and followed his postings. They appear to be in good humor and helpful. Although he is a loud mouth, his comments do contribute to the conversation in a meaningful fashion. I does not appear from this post header that the Happy Hour (aka booze) was a memorial of any sort. To equate his postings with the Westboro Baptist Church is without merit. This was a Happy Hour, not a funeral and electronic at that.

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