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January 13, 2016


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Captian Hurska Carswell, Continuance King

Just wondering. Will you be flooded with applicants? Its not unusual for every law job to be deluged with attorney applicants, newbies and veteran practitioners needing work. Hundreds of applicants for every job! I have a buddy out over 30 years from a Top Tier School that was selective and he can't find work. He attended a Networking event in an upscale suburb and their were 4 attorneys out of roughly 20 people in attendance. My buddy is a good guy. He needs work, so does 60% of the Class of 2014 from what I have read.


Oh look, Sy has a new persona


No, there are thousands of Sys out there....


Nope. That's "Sy" ... he is so obvious.

For a couple of comments, he toned it down.

Now, not so much.

He thrives on attention. Remember, his goal is to portray practitioners in a negative light, by pretending in this way.

So, the fewer comments that acknowledge any of his comments in any way, the better.

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