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January 21, 2016


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Looks like we're at the new normal for lsats and apps. 56,000 applicants is about right. The problems is that there should be about 26,000 matrics rather than the 36,000 presently. If schools held the line on quality standards, the oversupply would start to correct itself and lawyers could begin to make a living ($65,000 plus health insurance reliably) doing it.

Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King

I concur with JoJo and would add that the legal profession has succumbed to an unhealthy cycle. With too many entrants into the field, there is not enough work, clients, income and cases to provide a comfortable middle class income for EVERYBODY who passed the bar. It is brutal out there. Highly qualified and gifted potential law school applicants know this and stay away. The pie is only so big. What if the ABA didn't bring on line all of these no name diploma mill correspondence like law schools and established, ranked schools maintained their selective standards? There would be a healthy cycle of admissions because there would be enough pie for everybody who desired a legal job. That would self attract the best and the brightest. 1200 law Prawfs didn't have to loose their jobs.

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