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December 27, 2015


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Sy Ablelman

One day I was really angry in court. Why? Because there I was in court, schlepping along and representing a felony client at 26th Street for a few hundred dollars. I was looking though the pile of Subpoena Returns in Room 101 on behalf of a client. They are placed in a common box on a table for attorneys to retrieve. the name of the attorney is scrawled across a manila envelope. I came across another attorney who's name I had just read about in the on-line Bar discipline list. He fabricated an entire PI judgement and settlement offer because he "blew the statute" on a PI matter. In my opinion, hee lied and cheated a client. So, which Law School will take responsibility for him? Why should any attorney without bar sanctions compete with this guy for work? He took work away from my buddies and I that have had sleepless nights worrying about Professional issues. You professors, who I admire by the way, need to do some sole searching and find out why this happens.

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