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December 19, 2015


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It seems short-sighted to publicly concede that you will settle doc review wage cases when the people who would bring those kinds of cases are underemployed people with law degrees. Considering the ridiculous profits per partner firms like Skadden bring in, I would not be disappointed if they get hit with a lot more of these.


Wow. $25/hour is a windfall for doc reviewers, especially in North Carolina. I've never made more than $21/hour, and usually the going rate around here is $19/hour. With no benefits, of course.

And at that rate, there's hundreds of un- or under-employed attorneys in this mid-sized market eager to do the work. Doc reviewer backgrounds run the gamut, from people with double Ivy (undergrad, law school) backgrounds, to people who went to Infilaw schools and barely passed the bar.

Although $20/hour full-time for a whole year equates to approximately $40,000 per year, doc reviewers often go weeks, if not months, in between projects earning nothing. You're pretty lucky if you manage to pull down $30K in your average year.

Also, doc review is such a toxic thing to put on your resume that it inhibits you from getting better jobs in the future. So the sad thing is that once you go down this rabbit hole, there's no getting out of it. There's people who have been doing this for 20 years who have their own kids entering college, and they haven't paid off a dime in principal on their college loans (which were much lower than today's typical grad accumulates). One guy has had his loan balance basically double from $150,000 to $300,000 because he can't even pay off the interest. He's older and needs to retire soon.

Sy Ablelman

The practice of law is getting somebody out of Jail. That is its highest purpose. Second is getting a client back his driver's license after his 4th DUI and five years of sobriety so he can finally get that assistant shift manager's position at Burger King. And lastly, is saving a CDL trucker his, so he can support his family and mother in law with dementia while earning 42K a year. A driver's license is the most important document ever created in the history of man. More important that the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Torah, Letter From the Birmingham Jail and Magna Carta combined.

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